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Avril Lavigne – Fall to Pieces (6,361 plays)


fall to pieces // avril lavigne

and i don’t want a conversation
i just want to cry in front of you
i don’t want to talk about it
'cause i'm in love with you

After many years relistening to this makes me so sorry to my younger self. 

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I think I have feelings for my bestfriend. My medication dosage has been erratic these past two weeks, messing up my routine and my stability. Its hard to take my dose when I can’t even wake up before noon. The last two days had me a binge haze. My body’s swollen, my fingers look like little salty sausages. I don’t want to ever leave the house but I have to go to work and see people, something I don’t know how I get myself into every single time. It always looks like people like me. I smoked up three hours ago. It didn’t help, not that it ever has. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. Life shouldn’t be this hard, it can’t be…Because if it is, what’s the point?